We provide full scope accounting services for small businesses using cloud-based accounting software. This allows us to perform full service accounting and controllership functions, including full general ledger services, cash receipts, bill pay, payroll and financial and tax reporting services. We also provide high level controllership services, including assistance with budgeting, cash flow planning and tracking and bank financing assistance.

Tax Services

Business Income Tax and Transaction Planning

We assist our clients with their federal and state tax planning to ensure that they are taking advantage of the opportunities to minimize their tax burdens and to position themselves to take advantage of future opportunities. In many cases, careful planning can reduce tax exposure by more than 50%, especially when it is time to expand through acquisition of other businesses or to exit a particular business.

Individual Income Tax Planning

We work with our clients to minimize their individual federal and state income tax obligations; to assist them with tax credit planning and tax favored savings opportunities; and to help them plan to reduce future tax exposure.

Tax Compliance Services

We assist our clients with preparation of their federal and state income, property and sales tax returns and related information return reporting. We also work with our client’s in the event of inquiries from and/or audits by federal and state tax authorities to ensure that our clients are meeting their legal tax obligations while not incurring obligations that exceed what is legally required of them.

Small Business Accounting

Business Financing, Budgeting and Cash Flow Planning

We assist our clients with periodic budget and cash flow planning and with developing business plans and projections to assist with financing needs. These services often include meeting with our clients and various financing sources to assist with financing requests.

Financial Statement Services

We can assist in the preparation of client financial statements for both internal use and for presentation to third parties. We do not perform accounting review or audit services, but do work with firms that do provide these services to our clients.

Non-Profit Organization Accounting and Tax Consulting

We serve non-profit clients by assisting with routine accounting, consulting and tax preparation services. These services include preparation of the 990 series returns, which for many non-profit entities is a critical, public document that is reviewed by potential donors and grant organizations.

Cloud Services Consulting

Cloud Services Consulting

Increasingly, small and medium sized businesses are moving accounting and other business services functions to remote or cloud-based software solutions. We assist our clients with selecting and implementing cloud-based software solutions to various accounting functions.

Xero Implementation

Xero is one of the latest and most cost and resource efficient cloud-based accounting solutions. Increasingly, it is the solution of choice for small businesses making the move to the cloud. We are a Xero solutions provider and can and do assist our clients in implementing and using Xero to meet all of their business accounting needs.


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